Our History

Our History

Decades of Service

HL Gulf (formerly Hi-Lite Group, Hi-Lite Global Gulf) has been servicing airports in the MENA region since 2010.  In 2010, HL Gulf expanded its international market portfolio by signing a contract at the New Doha International Airport in Doha, Qatar. This project opened up HL Gulf to the entire Middle East market resulting in further work in the region in Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The main objective of every project is to enhance airfield safety, minimize runway incursions and excursions, ensuring its part in putting “safety first around the world”. HL Gulf leads globally in airfield services, offering a variety of packages tailored to help airports improve their operations, aesthetics, compliance, and maintain & become leading airports. Our services have reached areas in the Middle East such as the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and Egypt. We have regional offices in the UAE & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

HL Gulf prides itself on quality & compliance, serving and providing airports with long term solutions to managing airfields to help rectify problems and increase returns on assets. HL Gulf is able to serve airports with professional staff and equipment stationed globally with the skill set to quickly cater to various airports. HL Gulf has been serving airports for over 30 years making HL Gulf a global leader in airfields maintenance.

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