Affiliated Companies

Affiliated Companies

SKIP-LINE® by SPEC-RITE® is the industry leader in pavement marking controls. SPEC-RITE® is a software data management firm focused on providing intuitive tools for assessing the quality of airfield and highway markings. Together SKIP-LINE® and SPEC-RITE® deliver the data you need when you need it.

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Spec-Rite is Shaw Harbor’s first technology startup which provides proprietary, innovative software for managing pavement markings on highways and airports. Spec-Rite’s Pavement Marking Management Platform (PMMP) captures quality, cost, and productivity data and delivers actionable “real-time” data for pavement marking contractors and government agencies. By combining data sources from marking applications, retroreflectivity, and materials, we eliminate data silos and bring real-time oversight. Our experienced, unique, and nimble software team delivers specialty solutions for transportation safety you can’t find anywhere else.

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Aerogreen Solutions LLC is a full-service specialty chemical manufacturer and producer of AEROGREEN® environmentally preferred specialty cleaners. The strength of Aerogreen lies within the innovative capability and professional, well-trained sales, manufacturing and customer service team to quickly deliver customer solutions. Aerogreen is a dynamic company with an unyielding commitment to putting our customers, and the environment, first. Aerogreen is committed to understanding your cleaning requirements providing you with the specific products that best suit your needs

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