Pavement Maintenance

Texturing Roads & Runways For Your Safety

Expansion to the Middle East

HL Gulf, LLC, a global leader in airfield safety formerly known as Hi-Lite, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Skidabrader Group, LLC to expand their services to include pavement texturing for runways in the Middle East. 

“Our new partnership will enable HL Gulf to expand on our current services to include texturing for roads, bridges, and runways while improving safety, and once again providing a critical service to our clients in the Middle East region. Safety is our number one priority.”

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More than 30 Years of Safety and Success

"Safety is our number one priority."


Increase the safety and surface drainage of roads. The Skidabrader can produce miles of finished surface each night under a rolling safety zone when traffic is at its lowest volume.


Skidabrader increases texture, drainage, and friction simultaneously in existing pavement. Steel and synthetic joints are completely unharmed and need not be protected or altered.


Create excellent friction numbers and increase the intervals between rubber removals with this Skidabrader modification. This service can pay for itself in rubber removal savings.

The Skidabrader


  • Clean, Dry Operation

  • No Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

  • Truck-mounted Electromagnets Are Used
    On All Airport Projects

  • Excellent Friction Numbers with Reduced Tire Wear and Rubber Build-up

  • Highly Productive Equipment Reduces Lane Closures

The Skidabrader


  • Promotes Surface Drainage

  • Reduces Hydroplaning

  • Improves Both Micro and Macro Texture

  • Retexturing Extends the Life of the Surface

  • Prepares Surface for Sealers and Overlays

  • Environmentally Friendly

The Skidabrader


  • No Damage to Finger Joints or Drainage Inlets

  • No Airborne Contaminates

  • No Contaminated Run-off

  • Truck Mounted Vacuum Unites Facilitate
    Off-Site Blasted Material Disposal

  • Highly Economical Solution to Hydroplaning and Friction Management

We have equipment in the region ready to mobilize and start texturing the roads, to improve their safety.
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